Date : 12-11-08 14:45
[Sept 8 - 12] 5th IWA-ASPIRE 2013 Daejeon, Korea
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Welcome Messages from Organizer
It is our great pleasure and privilege in welcoming you to the 5th IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibition from 8th to 12th September 2013.
ASPIRE conference becomes the thumbnail of world's water problem and solution. Water problems ranged from the developed economies to the developing countries and to solutions for small countries to largest economies, ASPIRE conference would give an insight for future direction of water sector.
Water environment had changed rapidly in last two decades in ASPIRE region. Climate change, energy, and water industry are front issues now. However, challenge is always beyond the anticipation. This conference aimed to promote a bold imagination for solution in these issues. The conference in nowadays needs more intriguing and fruitful event to all participants. The slogan of conference, Smart Water for Future represents a metaphor for what water sector is urgently needed. In smart phone era of 21st century, the traditional scheme of conference organization must be changed to meet people's needs. Thus, the organizer will collect efforts to achieve Technologically Advanced, and Intellectually Entertaining IWA conference ever. We truly believe that the IWA-ASPIRE 2013 in Daejeon would provide a new opportunity for future.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you in Korea in September 2013!!
Prof Zuwhan Yun
Principal Organizer of ASPIRE & Chair of IWA KNC