Date : 12-11-08 14:49
[2012 09 12] IWA Governing Assembly 2012 at Busan
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The KNC officiers who interested in those agenda, please contact to KNC chair. Booklet & PDF files available.
(IWA GA의 회의자료가 PDF로 있읍니다. 필요하신 위원님은 연락주십시요)

Busan 2012 GA.JPG
IWA Governing Assembly(GA) meeting at Paradise Hotel, Busan. 
GA is the organization of national committees and it governs the IWA.
However, the governing structure would be modified in near future. Photo by Z Yun.  
(주: IWA GA는 각국의 National committee가 모인 IWA 최고의사결정체 입니다. 각 국가위원회는 조직에 따라 2-3인 정도 참가하나 결정사항 등에는 Chair가 1표 만 투표할수 있읍니다. 이번에는 WWC 2018 개최지로 일단 아시아지역이 선정되었읍니다. 이번 투표권은 각국 위원회 포함 34개로 전체 회원국의 대의성에 대한 검토가 이루어지고 있으며 전자투표 등의 방안이 연구되고 있읍니다)     
Annual General Meeting (AGM) -
1 Welcome and Apologies
2 Confirmation of Agenda and Minutes of Previous Meetings
3 President’s Overview
4 Executive Director’s Report
5 Vice Presidential Election -
6 Region Selection for the 2018 World Water Congress
7 Financial Highlights: Treasurer’s Report
8 FIC GA Appointee Report and New FIC GA Appointee
9 Rio+20 declaration
10 Governing Member and Governing Assembly Structure: Path Ahead
11 Reports From the Board
12 Revision IWA By-laws
13 Other Business
14 Next Meeting: 2013 Governing Assembly
2012. 10. 27.
Z Yun
Chair of IWA Korean national committee