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[2012 10 30] Change of IWA
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London, 31 October 2012                                                                                                       
To: IWA members and partners
Dear Friends,
Let me announce that in the coming months, IWA’s executive leadership will change, reflecting new options and opportunities as IWA continues to grow and evolve as the world’s global network for water professionals.
IWA’s Executive Director Paul Reiter, is stepping into a new strategic role helping us accelerate the development and implementation of IWA’s strategy. In his new role, Paul will continue his leadership in key strategic IWA initiatives including Cities of the Future and the important interface between IWA’s utility members and the science and research that underlie best practices worldwide.
Ger Bergkamp, currently Director of Regions and Programs, will become Interim Executive Director as the search and screening process takes place for the new Executive Director that will conclude in March 2013. Since joining us two years ago, Ger has been a tremendous asset to the association and I am confident that he will effectively lead us through this transition.
Through this process and beyond, IWA’s current strategic priorities will continue to be driven by IWA’s declaration of it strategic intent (see below), a plan which balances science, research and practice in both the developing and developed worlds. I am excited about the opportunities this change creates to improve and accelerate the delivery of water services with a lower environmental footprint, and to universally extend water and sanitation services in line with the UN’s Human Right to Water mandate.
Changes over the past few years within IWA have created an increasingly resilient management and organizational structure – both necessary to meet the growing demands on IWA as the leading international organization of water professionals.
As IWA’s Past President David Garman said: “These changes expand IWA’s capacity and create further opportunities for IWA’s staff, leadership and members to assume new and different responsibilities in the fulfilling IWA’s professional leadership role. Thinking back to the merger, we were confident that IWA would be able to take on the water challenges of a rapidly changing planet. Building on our core strengths of science, research and practice, it gives me great pleasure to see the results that IWA has been able to achieve in a relatively short period of time and the continuing evolution of the organization to meet the challenges ahead”.
The timing of these changes is as follows:
·         Paul Reiter will remain Executive Director until December 8 and will assume his new role thereafter;
·         Ger Bergkamp will become the Interim Executive Director on December 8th. Up until that date, Paul and Ger are working closely together to ensure a smooth transition;
The process for selection:
§  November – December 2012: interested parties to send ____EXPRESSION____ of interest to Kim Schipper, IWA Human Resources Director ( (Reference: “IWA Executive Director Recruitment”)
§  January 2013: Screening and short listing of candidates
§  February 2013: Interview with selected candidates
§  March 2013: Recommendation to the IWA board by the ‘Selection Committee. ‘
My goal is to select the best possible new Executive Director for IWA through a thoughtful, open and transparent process. My expectation is for a smooth transition and for great results in the future.
Glen T. Daigger Ph.D., PE, BCEE, NAE
President, IWA
IWA Seeks to Be:
The premier international network of water professionals, drawing members form all disciplines in water science and practice
The respected global authority on the urban water cycle and the delivery of resources, services and technology in the context of science-based innovation and best practice
A highly valued partner to those organizations key to achieving effective water management worldwide
Provider of global leadership capable of meeting the dual challenges of environmentally sustainable water provision and the economic development of the planet

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