Date : 12-12-13 14:49
IWA 상하수도 국제통계 2012
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   IWA_InternationalStats_Busan_2012_FINAL.pdf (909.7K) [82] DATE : 2012-12-13 14:49:31
첨부는 지난해 수합하여 정리한 세계각국의 물관련 통계(상수도-하수도) 입니다.
한국자료는 IWA KNC 에서 취합하여 제공하였읍니다.
2010년 기준으로 한국의 5대도시는 전세계 180개 중요도시 중 가장 물을 많이 쓰면서, 물값은 가장 싼 것으로 나타났읍니다.  
Dear participant,
The leaflet "International Statistics for Water Services" has been presented on the IWA World Water Congress in Busan.
Thanks to your contribution this publication became an interesting study of several aspects of the water services all over the world.
Please find enclosed a pdf-version of this leaflet (full version).
The results of the leaflet are also available on the IWA-website under the highlight information at the webpage of the Specialist Group Statistics and Economics:
The teaser of this leaflet is distributed to all delegates of the IWA World Water Congress in Busan and is available on the IWA-website, see link above. You can also download the full version with your login and password of IWA.I would like to thank you for your active contribution and I hope to count on your input for the next edition in 2014!Best regards,
Jan Hammenecker
Working Group leader Statistics
IWA-SG Statistics and Economics