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Communique from IWA President
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Communique from IWA President
Early 2013 Update
My friends, as a beginning of the next Presidential term resolution, I committed to provide more frequent communications to the broad IWA leadership teams.  As you know, a summary of Board meetings is provided shortly after each meeting, which I hope you all find useful and helpful.  My intention is to double the amount of communication by including a communication between each Board meeting.  This is the first.  In these I will focus on a few themes with the objective of stimulating thought and discussion through this network of the IWA leadership.  As this progresses I would encourage and appreciate any feedback that you might have on the topics addressed.  What do you want to hear about?  What is useful to you?  Let me know.
Executive Director
You are certainly interested in progress on selection of the new Executive Director.  I can inform you that the process is proceeding as intended.  We have an excellent slate of candidates which has been pre-screened by the Selection Committee.  Interviews are being scheduled and, if things progress as expected, we will be in a position to make a formal recommendation to the Board of Directors at the March meeting, as intended.   Our next communication will most likely introduce the new Executive Director.
Presidential Elections
Now, to a choice that you will need to make this year - your selection of the next President.  This has been on my mind, and I hope it has been on yours.  I have to say that service as your President has and continues to be one of the great honors and privileges of my professional life.  I am extremely pleased with the progress we are making and know that the Association is on an excellent trajectory to position us to make the contributions we intend.  But, as they say. all good things must come to an end.  In fact, this is a good thing as I believe that rotation is healthy for any organization.
First, the requirements.  Our Articles of Association specify that candidates for President (and Vice President) shall be nominated by Governing Members (we currently require a nominator and a second) and are elected by the Governing Assembly (which will occur in September in Istanbul).  Eligible candidates must have two or more years of recent service on the Board of Directors, current service as a Vice President, or as a member of the Governing Assembly for four or more years of continuous service.  They also specify that the Governing Assembly can waive these requirements where it considers that special circumstances exist.  To assist you in considering potential candidates, I provide below, a list of the Board of Directors (excluding current and former Presidents and the Executive Director) from the past three Boards.  The list of candidates from the Governing Assembly group would be longer, and Governing Members (who are the nominators) already know who has represented you on the Governing Assembly over the years.
Second, my thoughts.  We have seen significant growth and change in the Association over the course of David Garmans and my terms, which in total will span an eight year period.  Thinking back to where we were in 2006 when David became President, we have established the office in den Haag, significantly expanded our global footprint through regionalization, expanded and rationalized our programme offerings, and modernized and rationalized our financial and managerial operations.  Quite a set of achievements, even if I do say so myself.  We have also made a number of decisions and are on an extremely positive track, and one which I believe we should stay on for the foreseeable future.  We will continue to grow, especially to expand our regional presence, as we obtain new resources (which, by the way, are growing).  Our programmes will also grow, but not nearly at the pace that they have.  What I do see us doing in the next few years is using our expanded capacities to significantly expand our networks (you will see my comments on this in the next issue of Water 21) so that we extend our global and regional impact.  We are well positioned to do this and only need to execute.
The Next IWA President – My Thoughts
This leads me to my thoughts on the next President.  I would suggest that we need someone who has been part of this process, who understands the progress made, and recognizes the opportunities that still lay in front of us.  The individual should also have a broad perspective on the water profession, from  both sectoral and geographic perspectives.  The individual must also relate to and effectively interact with all direct and indirect IWA constituencies and provide leadership by bridging science, practice, and policy.  These characteristics can come in many forms, so I suggest that you think broadly about this.  Some of you will also be thinking that we have a new Executive Director, and this is important as well.  This question will be settled even before the nomination process begins in the late Spring/early Summer.  Please also realize that the new Executive Director will have been in their role for about 1-1/2 years by the time the new President takes office, and I will continue to be around as Past-President.  One more item.  David Garman and I have both served two terms.  While I firmly believe this was a good decision by the Governing Assembly given the rapid changes occurring, we should not let this become the expectation.
Let me know if this communication format is a useful to you, and also please feel free to suggest topics for me to address in the future.  This communication vehicle will be supplemented in the coming months as IWA rolls out a significantly enhanced communications program. This is based on a new approach to branding the Association and with greatly expanded internet-based tools for communication and interaction.  We will be providing more information on this in the near future (perhaps the subject of a coming communication), but many of you will be directly involved in testing and providing feedback to the development team.  Let me also remind our Governing Members that you are critical elements of our regional outreach and we need your help to deliver the programmes and benefits of IWA on the ground.  The Secretariat will continue to reach out to you to help you develop and action your Governing Member plans.  I look forward to reviewing these with you in September in Istanbul at the next Governing Assembly meeting.
Respectfully Submitted
Glen T. Daigger, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, NAE
President, IWA

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