Date : 13-07-01 12:39
IWA: Call for Nominations for President
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Mail Subject : IWA: Call for Nominations for President
Sent : Tue, 11 Jun 2013 17:32:55 +0000
To: IWA Governing Assembly members and members of Governing Member Committees
CC: IWA Board of Directors
Dear Colleague
This is the first in a number of important communications you will receive over the coming weeks regarding IWA, Governing Membership and our next Governing Assembly meeting in Istanbul, Turkey on Saturday 14 September 2013.
This email is a request for nominations for the election of the IWA President to serve in the period running from the Lisbon, Portugal IWA Governing Assembly meeting on 20th September 2014 through to the September 2016 IWA Governing Assembly Meeting that will take place in Brisbane, Australia.  
Please find attached a letter that describes the requirements for President and the procedures to be followed for nomination and election.
Also attached is the form for making the nominations, please remember that any person you nominate must have agreed to the nomination and evidence of this must be included with the nomination. Lastly, you will also find attached a document which sets out the procedures for proxy voting within IWA.
The deadline for nominations is 17.00 CET, 9th August 2013.
Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions.
Best regards
Mr Keith Robertson
Director Operations and Congress
International Water Association