YWP Introduction

Korean Young Water Professional (KYWP) committee officially launched in March, 2014 to engage, represent, service and inspire young or new water sector professionals.
The executives of KYWP have been consisted of a chair, three vice chairs from academia and water industry.
Also, one secretary, and one mentor who is advising the board have been included.
The major role of KYWP will be the "bridging place" for young students to water sector industry.
The KYWP will also support and strengthen the international network among IWA-YWP and WEF YP.
For example, the KYWP will financially support the outstanding young water professional for participating international YWP events.
The KYWP will co-work with Korean Society on Water Environment (KSWE) and Korean Society of Water and Wastewater (KSWW) for providing professional field experiences and job information.

YWP Officer

Hansaem Lee
Vice Chair
Yunseok Lee
Vice Chair
Jangho Lee
Vice Chair
Taehoon Lee
Minhwa Kim